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Wednesday 8/3/11

Summer Cleaning

Well, it's time to shake off the dust of this website, and finally polish the rough edges. (Like the non-existant links page, now fixed) There are some other improvements to add as well, like linking my Twitter feed, or maybe Google+.

College is over, and closing that part of my life was a sad goodbye; gone are the all-nighters and cram sessions, as well as the buffet style cafeteria. It was an exciting ride to the finish, making sure I graduated on time. (Another story for another day) My senior project, using openGL and C to implement Light Propagation Volumes (like those used in the CryENGINE), is now complete; the resulting paper and video will be online soon. The biggest take-away: use C++ when doing graphics or OpenGL. Operator overloading, classes, and better VisualStudio compiling support are all really handy to have.

After graduating, I attended the Landmark Forum, and it opened my eyes to new posibilities. One outcome of that was a renewed drive to make Nuro Design a reality, something I had half-agreed to but didn't really intend to commit. With renewed Integrity, a website and business cards were born, and suddenly everywhere I went there was someone who needed a website.

I am now in training with Fidelity Investments, as a Systems Analyst. I was initially concerned that as an SA I would stray too far from where the technology was happening, and my programming experience would deteriorate. However, the position seems to be quite close afterall, while utilizing my inter-personal and social skills, and I can program on my own time. (Which I have, now that I own an Android smartphone [yay!], see my example programs on the Android Market soon)

I am headed to SIGGRAPH as a student volunteer, taking away from valuable training time but the experience will certainly be worth it. I am excited to see Shapeways there, the 3d printing company. I have always wanted to jump on that bandwagon, but could never justify the expense.

See you in Vancouver!

PS: for those who actually read these, I never got into the Google internship last summer - completely botched the phone interview. I've learned a lot since then.

Thursday 3/18/10

Getting into the swing of things

Much has happened in the past two months, so I will try to recap briefly but thoroughly.

For starters, I got married!

Flew to Korea in the middle of the term and spent the next week catching up. It was a little rushed, but a memory to cherish forever.

Last week I had a phone interview with Google, I'm hoping to get into the Applications Management Internship program. I'll update when I get more information. If it doesn't pan out, I'm looking into a program called Southwestern, and also have resume's sent to GE and Solidworks. (I also happen to really like Solidworks as a product. It feeds my OCD about symmetry and uniformity when 3d modeling, and does it so easily!)

My IQP, (Interactive Qualifying Project), is taking a little longer than expected, and thus has spilled into D term this year. However, we are 90% done, and should finish the writeup in the next week. The cool thing about it is that Gordon Library will actually be able to use our results and our project will have an impact on the Library, and WPI as whole, as the Library begins to improve itself through implementing our assessment.

And lastly, much of my time has been spend on the backend of the Chronoscient website, the game project I have been helping develop for the past year and a half. With a large push by our "director", a MySQL based CMS system has been implemented, complete with comment-ability. This was adapted from the very simple 60CycleCMS that took me ages to find. (Most CMS systems are bloated and stubborn, requiring complicated Themes, but this one is implementable into pretty much ANY existing site, then customized with CSS). I've had some late nights because of it, but it is certainly exciting when things start working the way you want ^^.

I've also had my resume critiqued about a half dozen times, so a new one should be online soon, and much better this time.

That's all for now, anything else isn't important enough to note I guess. More to come soon, after this IQP gets finished.

Thursday 1/21/10

Hello World!

As in the footsteps of my programming forefathers, yet with significantly less historical value, I provide to you, the people of the internet, (and future employers), my inaugural first post.

I admit, that this site has been in existence for well over a year and a half, during which time it sat under the tacky and frowned-upon banner of "under construction, sorry!" Well, thanks to the inspiration of designing and re-designing the website for videogame I'm helping create, (and the ever-lurking deadlines for Internship applications and inherit need for job experience), something has been done about that.

What I give to you now, I give humbly; offering what I have and presenting what I have to offer. But if you ask me, some of the stuff on here is just pretty darn cool.

It's funny how things like being a Resident Advisor and the President of a club can put personal projects on the backburner, then onto the back shelf. All rewarding experiences, but there are only 24 hours in a day... not enough to do everything.

(Can someone engineer a device to change that? I guess I'll add that onto my project list.)

"Carpe Diem." Or in my favorite rendition, "Carpe Eternitatem" - seize eternity. (Anonymous?)