Thank you for visiting the home of MiX3dStudios, the digital design project of Madison Dickson.
I am a web-designer, programmer, and 3d animator, CS graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
I consider myself a self-taught digital artist of many mediums.

Digital Art has always captivated me, and drives me to continue to improve my work. My dream is to work with an exciting, dynamic team, have my name in the credits of a major 3d animated film, and to be able to say, "I did that, see that there? That was me and my team!" My aspirations are to end up in any kind of technology related field, managing dynamic teams working on all sorts of cutting edge things.

More and more, Project Management and/or Analysis is becoming the focus of my education, where my talents and experience cross my interests and desires in a work environment.

What's here?

Here you will find my resume, the services I offer, my portfolio of websites, programming projects and art; 3d models and animations, traditional art, and general digital design, as well as a little bit of fun. Enjoy!

Current Projects

Android & Particles

Moving my love of particle simulation onto the Android platform. Based on a small game I scripted in python/pygame, I am playing with different game ideas. Currently runs ~500 particles around 50fps, and uses the accelerometer for gravity.


A top-down space shooter rooted in music and time. I am the web programmer/designer and 3d & texture artist. Check it out! Will move to shader modeler once we get to that stage.

NOTE: project currently on hold while we look for more 3d artists.


A voice driven brainstorming tool, utilizing .NET and Silverlight, written in IronPython. Designed to be run as a webapp or via interactive whiteboard or projector.

Finished Projects

Major Qualifying Project (MQP)

This was basically my Senior Thesis. Two partners and I built a OpenGL 3d deferred lighting engine in C in order to design and run a realtime, shader based implementation of Light Propagation Volumes. Details on the project, including screenshots and the final paper here.

Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)

A Question Of Access: Assessing Information Literacy at WPI
From September 2009 to May 2011, a team of two others and myself worked with the WPI Library staff to create an assessment to define a baseline skill level of incoming first-year students, such that the Library can tailor its programs to more effectively teach Information Literacy. Our final prototype was revised and is currently being piloted to the WPI class of 2014.